Answers to the Oundle Volunteer Action Grand Annual Quiz

Well done to everyone who put in an entry for the Grand Annual Quiz. Here’s Liz Titheridge with the brilliant winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes (vouchers for Trendall’s Butcher & Deli):

I’m sure you’re eager to see the answers:

  1.  Kendal Mint Cake
  2.  Sydney Harbour Bridge
  3.  Victoria Cross
  4.  Dresden China
  5.  Jerusalem Artichoke
  6.  The Washington Post
  7.  Tower of London
  8.  Havana Cigar
  9.  The Fair Maid of Perth
  10.  The New York Times
  11.  Paddington Bear
  12.  Singapore Sling
  13.  Chelsea Bun
  14.  The Barber of Seville
  15.  Edinburgh Rock
  16.  Timon of Athens
  17.  Aberdeen Angus Steak
  18.  Tales from the Vienna Woods
  19.  Manila Folders
  20.  The Great Gate of Kiev
  21.  Dundee Cake
  22.  The Oracle of Delphi
  23.  Suez Canal
  24.  The Warsaw Concerto
  25.  Sleepless in Seattle
  26.  Peking Duck
  27.  Chesterfield Sofa
  28.  Monte Carlo Rally
  29.  The Geneva Convention
  30.  Blackpool Tower
  31.  April in Paris
  32.  Granada Television
  33.  Bombay Gin
  34.  Manchester Ship Canal
  35.  Berlin Wool Work
  36.  Pontefract Cakes
  37.  The Maastricht Treaty
  38.  An Italian Girl in Algiers
  39.  Cheddar Cheese
  40.  Panama Hat
  41.  Oxford Brogues
  42.  The Two Gentleman of Verona
  43.  Pembroke Table
  44.  Belfast Sink
  45.  Dublin Bay Prawns
  46.  The Calcutta Cup
  47.  Portland Stone
  48.  Paisley Shawl
  49.  St. Louis Blues

We raised approximately £1200. A huge thank you to everyone who took part, to the quiz sellers and the quiz setter, Sheila Harris.

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